Litigation and representation in court
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Legal representation in court means that the presentation of your case will be carried out by an experienced professional.

Either for claimants and or defendants, our AVERUM Legal team represent successfully in all types of proceedings for many years. We put emphasis on precise legal argumentation and balanced combination of facts and evidence.

While applying best effort to serve clients, our knowledge is confirmed also by the fact that we regularly publish legal articles and publications such as commentaries on the Civil Procedure Code and monographs on provisional measures.

We are excelled in following types of cases:
  • Monetary claims (e.g. for purchase price, commission, unjust enrichment, compensation and damages)
  • Ownership rights and contract validity determination (invalidity of dismissal, resolution of general meetings, absence of ownership or liens)
  • Expression of will replacement (arising from binding preliminary contract)
  • Provisional measures and securing proof of evidence
  • Compensation for damage caused by the state (administrators, authorities), armed officials or public institutions
  • Determination of paternity, right of access and custody to children, international kidnapping of children, and settlement for joint-property of spouses
  • Labor-related cases
  • Compensation for victims of criminal offences
  • Claim enforcement and executions, arbitration and insolvency proceedings
  • Legal defence against administrative bodies and officials
Services we provide:
  • Analysis of documents, preparation and submission of procedural documents
  • Collecting evidence and developing a legal position
  • Participation in litigations in national courts of all instances and jurisdictions
  • Drafting settlement agreements
  • Asset tracing in Ukraine and abroad
  • Participation in negotiations with representatives, managers, and stakeholders
  • Forensic examinations for court proceedings