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AVERUM Legal team has more than 10 years of experience in the field of insolvency. In case there is a risk of initiation of insolvency procedures involved, we are ready to arrange and implement effective tactics for the debtor to deter and protect it against creditors, to ensure the restructuring of business and assets; abolish or materially mitigate adverse aspects during insolvency, e.g. bringing managers and owners of the company to subsidiary liability.

Working experience on the side of creditors, thorough knowledge of the current practice of insolvency in Ukraine and interaction with management of majority of the self-regulatory organizations of insolvency receivers enables out lawyers to effectively meet the interests of creditors, to prevent the reduction of the estate in the pre-insolvency period, to ensure management over insolvency in the course of introduced procedures through the meeting of creditors as well as via challenging actions and decisions of administrative receivers; to detect and bring controlling the debtor persons to subsidiary liability.

Services we provide:
  • Comprehensive support of bankruptcy proceedings with the selection and formation of a team of required specialists (insolvency receiver, auditor, appraiser, criminal bar, etc.));
  • Advising on matters of search of assets and its’ return to the estate;
  • Support of business during pre-insolvency and supervision periods;
  • Assistance on preparation and realizing the estate by bidding and within the completion of agreements with creditors;
  • Advising on fraudulent insolvency matters and strategy of directors and controlling persons’ protection;
  • Restructuring of financial obligations to ensure the return of the borrowed investment and ensure control over business activities (among others by means of corporate tools: corporate agreements, interests and shares options; corporate governance);
  • Drafting documents and factual grounds for duly formation of register of creditors and managing property and claims the estate comprise of;
  • Restructuring relations between creditors;
    Challenging transactions executed during receivership, bringing controlling persons of insolvent to subsidiary liability;
  • Preparation of creditors’ meetings, blocking initiatives of separate creditors, association with other creditors for achievement of common objectives in regards to insolvency.